Wednesday, June 27

back in action!
welcome iKIRO and iMIRO to the fam!

Saturday, September 26

UNDER renovation!
be back on 1st Jan 2010 (:

Saturday, April 4

time for an update!
this blog has been too dead for the past few months...
iro pple, those who are having their major exam this year mus mug hard!
and those who are not mus ensure tat they will get promoted!

Saturday, February 14

Happy Valentine to all -iRo-s!
spend the special day with ur love ones...
if not u can also spend it with SHIN in audi! xD

Valentine baby eh?
may all ur wishes come true!!!

and hereby wishing all a good day~

Monday, January 5

Congratulations to -iRo-HIRO for reaching lvl 24!
2 more lvl can reach backup le...
but rmb to study hard to!

Wednesday, December 31

GRATS to -iRo-Celeste for reaching lvl 44!!! woo~~~
clap clap!
2 more lvl jiu KING le!
there's a change in status now ~
-iRo-joyjoy is the current fam MASTER :D *cheeers*
-iRo-Celeste is now the VICE-master ~.~